Do Not Call Registry

I get lots of unsolicited marketing emails, text messages, and robocalls. This morning alone, I got 5 phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize and it is becoming extremely frustrating. My number has always been registered on the National Do Not Call registry, but this doesn’t seem to be very effective. Today, I decided to write a template text/email to fight back marketing and sales calls. I am not sure how effective this would be but the time will tell.

UNSUBSCRIBE: I would like to opt-out of any sales and marketing calls or texts, effective immediately. This number has been registered on the Do Not Call registry. An unsolicited call or text may be subject to fines of up to $42,530 per violation. Thanks for your cooperation.

You are more than welcome to use my template.



  1. FTC - What’s the penalty for companies that illegally call numbers on the Registry?


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